Becoming a Member or Associate Member will add you to the appropriate list to receive email meeting announcements and other items of interest. As a new or renewed Member or Associate Member, you will have confirmed you are prepared to accept email communications from CPSEN. As we re-configure our website, former CPSQA Members and non-Members will note that they can now access all our CPSEN website features without having to log in though this may change in the near future.
CPSEN is making use of the services of an online registration system run by Eventbrite. This allows Members, Associate Members and those considering joining CPSEN to register for most if not all CPSEN events. In addition, it is important to note that one must become a Member or Associate Member to participate in regular meetings and our AGM along with any special events. Doing so will allow you to keep abreast of excellence practices, get advance notice of CPSEN events and gain networking opportunities along with valuable information that, in due course, will be contained in our Resources Centre. One of the strongest benefits to Members is the opportunity to network with others at regular and special CPSEN events while also being able to review the Networking meeting reports on this website.

Membership Benefits 

Member Associate Member
  • No annual Member fee (at this time)
  • No annual Associate Member fee (at this time)
  • Invitations to attend NCR Chapter Networking Events + other related benefits
  • Invitations to attend NCR Chapter Networking Events + other related benefits - currently at no cost

Access to  a range of useful features on the CPSEN website containing:

  • Networking Events Reports;
  • Communities of Practice documentation (the first CoP project is under way); and
  • The CPSEN Excellence Tool Box (a new feature under development).
  •  Likely for Members only at this time
  • Vote at the CPSEN Annual General Meeting
  • Members only
  • Eligible to be candidate for election as a CPSEN Director
  • Members only


Membership Requirements

There are two types of Member - Member and Associate Member. The following criteria are contained in the CPSEN Bylaws:

Member (as updated at 2015 AGM): Membership of the Corporation is by application and is open to employed and former members (including term, casual, appointed and term students) of federal, First Nations, provincial, territorial and municipal governments in Canada. For greater certainty, government includes elected members of legislatures, the judiciary, and employees of university and community colleges and public healthcare entities. The Board of the Corporation may also permit, by invitation, such other persons who may contribute to the advancement of the Corporation, including individuals working for non-governmental organizations involved with public service excellence matters, to be Members of the Corporation.

Associate Member: Associate Membership in the Corporation includes corporate and other organizations and entities with an interest in public service excellence in Canada and in contributing to the advancement of the Corporation. Associate Members shall ordinarily act and be present in the Corporation through an individual person designated as agent. Associate Members do not have voting privileges to requisition meetings of members, nor voting privileges in such meetings, except as provided for by the Act. 

CPSEN's strength is in its people.

Application for Membership

There are two options for applying for Membership,online and offline by completion of our Application form.
Online Application for Member and Associate Member: When you click on "Sign up" in the Login window at the right, you will open a window containing some questions - a number of them requiring answers to complete the Signup. We are interested in knowing where you live and work and whether or not you wish to be associated with a CPSEN Chapter. At the moment, there is only one active Chapter, the National Capital Region Chapter (NCR Chapter). Those from other parts of Canada should therefore choose "Other". The act of applying for Membership as a Member or Associate Member will be explicit approval on your part to receive email communications from CPSEN - principally devoted to notice of events but with other news as well. Doing so will allow CPSEN to meet the requirements of Canada's Anti-Spam legislation. Your membership information will not be shared outside of CPSEN
Offline Application for Member and Associate Member: Should you wish to apply offline for acceptance as a Member or Associate Member, please follow this link to our Membership Application Form. Download the Form and after completing and signing it, mail it to the address shown on the Form. Alternatively, you may scan the completed form and email it to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Membership notes 

Members and those applying for Membership are asked to note the following:
  • Members of CPSQA are asked to take Membership application action to provide the information we will need to be able to properly serve you as a Member or Associate Member. Prior CPSQA Membership does not automatically lead to CPSEN Membership without a Membership Application which can very easily be done online. It is anticipated that if a non-Member wishes to register to attend one of the CPSEN networking and other events, that person will be asked to sign up for a free Membership;
  • For those not living in the National Capital Region, we are working to build a network of Friends of CPSEN - those who are familiar with what we have to offer and others who have worked in the NCR and are familiar with the five events we host each year. Visit our "Friends" page and see if there is someone near you. Many currently listed are from the NCR but we are gradually adding the names of those from other parts of Canada to this page; and
  • If you have any questions, please contact our Membership Director at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

  Come and help make excellence happen in Canada's public sector