This folder in the Directors’ Workspace will contain website-oriented information and is to be managed by the Webmaster. The following are the key recent milestones and actions:

  • Lead: Don
  • Support: Keith, Lill & Mike
  • Summary: The CPSQA website was last upgraded in 2002 and it was time for a review and upgrade. Thibault Revenaz provided a new Joomla website and about the same time produced a new website for our annual Quality Fair. An opportunity was taken at this time to review a number of the key aspects of CPSQA and to seek to re-brand the Association as part of the website improvement project. At the same time, consideration was being given on how best to manage the expansion of CPSQA into other regions.
  • Timeline: The new website was launched July 1st, 2009.

In the spring of 2014, CPSQA Directors met – along with some of the more active volunteers from the Ottawa PSQF organizing Committee – to have a strategic look at the Association and to consider possible upgrade action. It was decided the Mission and Vision would be updated and that the Association would have a new name. For the past year, there had been discussions regarding an upgrade to the website. An intrusion (hack) had occurred in 2013 and an upgrade was seen as an opportunity to be less vulnerable to further intrusions. Thibaut Revenaz was again contacted to take on the upgrade action. The actions to follow:

  • Register both English and French domain names for the Canadian Public Sector Excellence Network (CPSEN) / Réseau de l’excellence dans le secteur public du Canada. 
  • Prepare a new website to be launched as;
  • Timeline for launch: June 1st, 2014.