Resource Centre

With our new website, we have chosen to gather together information of particular interest to those working in the public sector or those supporting public sector organizations. This Resource Centre will become the focal point for information related to organizational excellence. Please note that CPSEN Events have been given their own menu item. There will be found our Networking Meeting archive along with a site devoted to the upcoming and past Fairs.
1. Quality Tools: It is anticipated this section of the Resource Centre will contain Quality Tools information when that feature is developed.
2. Communities of Practice (COP): The COP Program has received Board approval-in-principle. For further information, please visit the COP page on this website.
3. Documents of Interest: This part of the Centre will contain links to documents of general value to those visiting our site. Short abstracts also may be published in this website area.
4. Library: Listed here will be information related to quality, excellence, healthy workplace environments that CPSEN Directors and Members feel would be of value to Members for their reference. For this section of our website, we will be looking for publication information including title and possibly a short extract, ISBN number, etc. If credible Internet-based information is identified, it may be possible to offer hot links to appropriate reference material as well.