Quality Fair Day – Panel #2

Quality and Excellence in the Broader Public Service

Does Service Excellence Matter?

Service is an elusive practice. You know it when you see it. Or, as often happens, you know it when you don’t see it!  Achieving service excellence in
the broader public sector is more than having reliable processes, which is a fundamental element of quality. Service is interactive and therefore nterpersonal.

What is essential to achieving service excellence is having well motivated, knowledgeable employees who work in a culture where client service matters.  
If the interaction is poorly handled, then the overall level service is impacted. Have you ever had a service person say to you “Have a good day” and you
know that they really didn’t care if you did. Likely the training program required that they had to say this and they did as required. When you have good service from someone and they say “Have a good day” you know they mean it.

So why is “service” important in the broader public sector? Does the public really care, do employees think it matters, and what difference does it make?
Our three panelists will provide interesting perspectives on how their organizations are working to achieve service excellence. The session will focus on why service excellence matters to strategic vision and mission, to employee competency and to operational performance metrics. We look forward to your active participation in a lively question and answer session following our panel discussion.