Quality Fair Day – Panel 2 – Panelist #1

Quality and Excellence in the Broader Public Service
Panelist:  Superintendent Jeff Adam, B. Soc. Sc (Criminology), MBA, Royal Canadian Mounted Police

Jeff Adam is an Superintendent the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.  He completed 14 years of operational policing in New Brunswick, duties including General Investigation, Highway Patrol, Commercial Crime and Technological Crime Investigations. Transferred to Ottawa in 2001, he was asked to form the RCMP’s Performance Management Unit (PMU) to bring in the Balanced Scorecard and link it to the RCMP’s business planning cycle.  The PMU was instrumental in achieving the Hall of Fame award from the Balanced Scorecard Collaborative, being featured in the Harvard Business Review, and he  has presented on aspects of performance management to a wide variety of Government Agencies across the world. He is currently the Director of the RCMP’s Proceeds of Crime and Money Laundering Programs.