Quality Fair Day – Panel #2 – Moderator

Quality and Excellence in the Broader Public Service
Moderator: Dan Corbett

Dan Corbett has extensive experience in leading organizational alignment strategies and continuous improvement strategies that enable people to achieve higher capacity to deliver business goals. He has served as President & CEO in the public and not-for-profit sectors and senior executive roles in
the private sector.

His most recent work was as a senior executive with a Canadian corporate group headquartered in Toronto, with nine manufacturing locations in North America and one in Chile. As the Vice-President Human Resources, he implemented a corporate leadership competency and succession plan; implemented strategies to align a newly acquired business in the USA and a new manufacturing plant in Chile; implemented healthy workplace programs; redesigned the company’s corporate compensation and pay for success programs. He had a key role in re-positioning the company’s North  American manufacturing capacity and changing the corporate human resource programs to meet market competitiveness issues.

In his role as President  & CEO of the National Quality Institute, Dan provided national leadership on business excellence issues working with senior leaders in both the public sector and the private sector. As a hands-on CEO, he promoted NQI as the Canadian voice for Excellence and Healthy Workplace. He positioned the Canada Awards for Excellence as the national recognition program for organizations, championed the Healthy Workplace program and worked in partnership with provincial and federal government organizations. Prior to NQI, Dan was President  & CEO of St. Lawrence College, an Ontario post-secondary organization that has a mandate to design and deliver learning to meet the needs of employers in the province. During his tenure, he focused on quality as a way to differentiate the College and gave leadership focus to the program that lead to the College becoming the first post-secondary organization in North America to achieve ISO 9001 certification.  

Specific areas of expertise include organizational facilitation that enables strategic and operational organizational capacity, leadership development and succession planning for human capital strategies, integration of business acquisitions, workplace programs for building team success, conducting organizational assessments and readiness reviews for implementing business excellence systems.