Quality Fair Day – Panel #1

Change Management: The People Dimension
Employees do not naturally want to change. They have to have good reasons to move to a new Vision leaving their comfort zone behind them. They have to believe that the current position is untenable and that there is a way to get to the Vision that they can help to implement.

The key word is that they have to “believe”, which implies they have to trust whoever is leading the change. However, trust levels usually drop during change, as employees grow more wary and concerned for their own future. Over 50 % of the people in any change are sitting on the fence, undecided about their support for the change. A further 30% will be anti-change and their attitude isn’t likely to go away. This latter group will see anything that is not perfect as evidence that the change is not working. So how do you get a supporting commitment from 80% of the employees who are at best likely to be neutral?

The three panellists all have a varied experience in managing the people dimension of change. They will provide information on their “best practices” related to the essentials of managing the people side of successful change; critical success factors and lessons learned. There will then be an opportunity for Questions from the floor to clarify points made or respond to specific issues from the attendees.