Program 2014

The Program will be presented principally in English though there will be two bilingual PD Sessions. Notre Programme.

For our 2014 Program we have maintained the format established for all Fairs since 2010 and have combined Keynote Speakers, Panel discussions and Professional Development sessions into a single day that will have something for everyone seeking professional development and fulfillment. All available speaker bios and abstracts will be linked to our Speakers page on this website located under OPSQF 2014 on the top menu. Similarly, all available presentations will be linked to the speakers’ listing on the Speakers page. 

After the event, look for ” Presentation ” with a link to the Panel, PD Sessions and Lifetime Achievement Award presentations. Depending upon your Internet connection, some presentations may take some time to download for viewing or retention.


  1. Due to some organizational changes at Excellence Canada, Steve Davies is no longer their Executive Director for the NCR. Excellence Canada remains a committed Supporter of the Fair. We wish to thank Steve for his contributions to our events since January, 2012.
  2. The details in this program are correct at time of publication, and routinely updated.  We work to keep changes to a minimum, and will inform attendees and supporters of pending substantial changes.
  3. This Program is complete.

Ottawa Public Sector Quality Fair – 2014
Tuesday, February 4th, 2014

Theme: Powering up Performance and Productivity – Achieving Organizational Excellence

Time   Topic/Presenter


Registration / Continental Breakfast / Networking / Visit Exhibits
Welcome from CPSQA – Introductory Comments by Co-Chairs:
Jean Tourigny and Caroline Whitby, Chair and Vice-Chair, CPSQA
Opening Keynote Speaker – Kevin Page
 “Public Sector Management and the Public Trust”
Jean-Luc Pépin Research Chair on Canadian Government – Faculty of Social Sciences, uOttawa
9:15am to 10:40am
Panel discussion of our theme
Moderator: Rob Shepherd, Carleton University
P-1 Dr. Kent MacDonald, President, Algonquin College.
P-2 Renée Légaré Senior Vice-President Human Resources, The Ottawa Hospital.
P-3 Liseanne Forand, President and CEO, Shared Services Canada.

Health Break/ Networking / Visit Exhibits

  Professional Development Sessions #1
11:10am to 12:35pm

Session 1A

“Improving Productivity Through Realistic Measurement & Expectations”

Chuck Doyle Manager, Business Process Review, Algonquin College


Session 1B

“Quality and Results-driven Management System”


Loretta Scott, Director, Operational Planning, Reporting and Risk Division, Public Health Agency of Canada

Ruth Stanley, Analyst (Co-presenter)

Session 1C

“Developing Partnerships in Healthcare to Innovate Quality and Patient Safety Education”


Dale Schierbeck,  Director of Learning at the Canadian Healthcare Association & Abbie Hain, Director of Education of the Canadian Patient Safety Institute

Session 1D

“Internal Collaboration in the Government of Canada : How the GC2.0 Tools can enhance organizational excellence”


Joy Moskovic, Manager, Outreach and Engagment, Service and GC2.0 Policy and Community Enablement Division, Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat


12:35 pm

Lunch / Networking / Visit Exhibits

1:35pm to 2:05pm
Presentation of the Joint CPSQA-Excellence Canada Public Sector Excellence Lifetime Achievement Award for 2014
to  Denise Amyot  : Introduction by Co-Chair, Jean Tourigny
  Professional Development Sessions #2
2:05pm to 3:30pm

Session 2A (Bilingual Session)

“MAF 2.0: Improving Management Practices and Performance”


Paule Labbé, Executive Director, MAF and Risk Management Directorate, Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat

Session 2B

“Structuring a P3 Partnership for Community Results”


Nancy Schepers, Deputy City Manager of Planning and Infrastructure , City of Ottawa

Session 2C

“Common Human Resources Business Processes”


John Thomas, President, JFT Management Consulting &
Julie Simard, Manager Change Management, HR Civ. Branch, Department of National Defence Co-Presenter

Session 2D (Bilingual Session)

“Growing Enterprise Performance Analytics Capabilities at Health Canada : A Technology-enabled Quality Initiative”

Randy Legault, Director, Integrated Planning and Reporting Division, Chief Financial Officer Branch, Health Canada


 Health Break / Networking / Visit Exhibits

4:00 pm
Closing Keynote Speaker – Dr. Daniel J. Caron (Bilingual Session)
“Productivity and Performance in the Digital Era: Challenges and Opportunities” 
Door Prize Presentations
Closing comments by Co-Chairs