Professional Learning Day – Session #2a

 Talent Management, Recruitment & Retention


The Ontario Public Service has introduced an integrated Talent Management approach that assesses, develops and deploys talent in a systematic way.  Talent Management integrates previously disconnected people processes, such as learning, performance management, incentive, recruitment and succession, to ensure that all employees receive targeted development and the organization is able to build and maintain capacity in all key positions for
now and into the future.  Talent Management is driven by authentic conversations at all levels of the organization.  These conversations are supported by the information in the on-line Talent Management system, which is currently made up of three modules:  Talent Profile, Talent Assessment and Performance Management. The Talent Management system gathers information from employees and managers, creating a greater understanding of each employee’s career goals and skill set, allowing talent conversations to flourish.   


Kim Bellissimo has 15 years experience working in the Ontario Public Service (OPS).  Her OPS career began in the Ministries of Education and Training, Colleges and Universities where she was later appointed to the position of Human Resource Director for these two ministries.  There she provided leadership and advice in strategic human resource planning, policies, procedures, as well as organizational design and development.  Prior to joining the OPS, Kim worked in the private sector, as a Human Resources Specialist, at CIBC, Allstate and Prudential Life Insurance.  She holds a Bachelor of Sociology, with a minor in History, from York University.  

In July 2005, Kim embarked on a new adventure when she joined the Ministry of Government and Consumer Services as the Director of the Executive Programs and Services Branch (EPS).   As Director of EPS, Kim develops, implements and provides advice on various senior HR management policies and procedures.  As Secretary of the Executive Development Committee (EDC) and the Public Service Commission (PSC), she provides a key role in supporting human resource planning and organizational change decisions in the OPS.  

Kim is also responsible for leading the design, development and implementation of the Enterprise Talent Management program (TM).  This program will ensure that the OPS has the capacity to identify, acquire, develop, deploy and retain talent in order to fulfill key positions and meet business needs.  Phase Four of this program will roll out April 1st, 2009. To date, over 8000 employees participate in the TM program.  

Finally, on June 30, 2008 Kim assumed responsibility for the provision of executive recruitment services in the OPS.  In this new role, Kim will lead the delivery of end-to-end recruitment services spanning a continuum from marketing to onboarding through implementation of strategic executive talent sourcing initiatives.