Professional Learning Day – Session #1

 Designing and Interpreting Employee Surveys

Abstract:  “Designing and Interpreting Employee Surveys”.

This session is an interactive workshop that will take the participant through the following:
– a strategic framework for building surveys
– do’s and dont’s of question and response writing
– common pitfalls in survey writing
– survey design to maximize response
– collecting data and interpreting the results
– using the results as part of a healthy workplace framework
The sesssion will be a mix of presentation, individual and group work and question and answer. Attendees are encouraged to bring along examples of their own surveys to use in the session.

Stephen Davies is a co-founder and Vice President of Business Development at DISTIL Interactive. He is an NQI-Certified Excellence Professional with extensive experience in business excellence methodologies, auditing, process engineering, and quality management.  
In his last role as an independent trainer and consultant from 2001 to 2006, Stephen specialized in the integration and optimization of business processes and the ability to constantly exceed customer expectations. His clients included the Department of National Defense, Canada Revenue Agency, and the Canadian Food Inspection Agency, among others. His most memorable opportunity in this role was to consult and train in military theatre with SNC
Lavalin, PAE, and DND in Afghanistan and Bosnia. As part of his training role he has developed and delivered a number of courses for the National Quality Institute including Measuring Customer Satisfaction, Operational Process Mapping and two courses on Root Cause Analysis.
In addition to his role at DISTIL, Stephen is currently a lecturer on Operations Management and Entrepreneurship at the Sprott School of Business.