Professional Development Session 1B

Subject: “Systems Thinking Approach to Workload Management”.

Abstract: During this session, participants will be encouraged to think in terms of systems and processes to manage their personal workload. There will be interactive work to help understand processes as a core strategic asset of your organizational system. You will be encouraged to seek an understanding of the vital difference between output and outcomes and you will start to understand how to manage work as a flow.

Bio: David M. Jenkins, B.Sc, President, Borcom Inc. Specialization: Strategic Management, Systems Thinking, Process Management & Improvement, Project Management. His major Clients include: PHAC, PWGSC, DND, BC Hydro, BC Ferries, City of Kelowna.

Following a successful career in the private sector, David Jenkins now applies his practical knowledge and experience to helping the public sector understand and manage its programs from a systems thinking and process perspective. He understands the need for strong process management to deliver superior organizational performance: he has worked extensively with the Public Health Agency, National Defence and Public Works to help them translate international and domestic regulations and policies into effective systems and processes that deliver tangible results.

David works with clients to help them implement the National Quality Institute Excellence criteria that are closely aligned with the Treasury Board Management Accountability Framework. He has also helped public sector clients implement management system based on the ISO quality, environmental and risk management standards.