Privacy Policy

The Canadian Public Sector Excellence Network (CPSEN) Privacy Policy is as follows:

  1. CPSEN is subject to Canada’s Anti-Spam Legislation and our intent is to meet the spirit of this legislation;
  2. We consider that if you provided your contact information previously to the Canadian Public Sector Quality Association, and – more recently to CPSQA’s successor organization, the Canadian Public Sector Excellence Network or its event organizations such as the Ottawa Public Sector Quality Fair, Canadian Public Sector Excellence Network Excellence Fair, or Canadian Public Sector Excellence Network Symposium, and that you have not unsubscribed, that you have provided implied consent to receive communications from those organizations;
  3. In the future, the Canadian Public Sector Excellence Network and its events such as the quarterly Networking Meetings or the annual Canadian Public Sector Excellence Network Symposium will collect and maintain contact information for the express purpose of communicating upcoming events or other news to interested parties, including members; and
  4. It is our policy to not provide names or contact information collected to other agencies.