PD Session 1B

Subject: Brain Power, Brain States and Innovation: Tapping the Well

Abstract:  An explosion of advances in brain imaging and human neuroscience is now giving us hard evidence as to why people behave, react and think the way they do. Armed with this information, we can manage our environments and behaviours to maximize the brain power of any team. Most work practices fail to leverage the brain’s potential, something that we simply cannot afford in an age of complexity, increased workloads and workplace stress.  In this workshop, you will learn some exciting discoveries about how our brains work, and practical methods for tapping into the full potential of every person you work with. You will emerge with an increased awareness of how to create engagement, improve strategic thinking and generate innovative solutions to challenging workplace problems.

Benefits of the presentation for participants:

Gain insight and practical tips related to:

  • The PRISE model: a simple-yet-powerful Brain-based model for creating outstanding teams;
  • how to better connect with employees, colleagues, and bosses – even in stressful situations – and still get results;
  • decision fatigue and how to avoid it; and
  • understanding how to recognize, change and use brain states to achieve better performance (creativity, innovation, decision making ability, strategic thinking, engagement, effective relationships) from yourself and others

Bios for Dale and Trevor Stevenson

Dale Stevenson fosters a dynamic and energetic coaching experience for her clients with the discipline and commitment required of achievement-focused leadership.  Among her accomplishments Dale earned a Master’s degree in the department of Science including a
specialization in human development and performance. A certified coach and facilitator, Dale works with clients to reach career aspirations, hone interpersonal skills and enhance physical and emotional well being.

Since 2004, Dale has worked extensively with the public sector and private sector. Throughout this time, the corporate landscape has shifted dramatically and continues to evolve and as a result, so has her approach to leadership development. Dale continues to study leadership from the inside out using a variety of approaches and in particular leverages the fields of neuroscience and leadership development, emotional intelligence, coaching and positive psychology in her coaching, facilitation and HR practices.

In the past 15 years, Trevor Stevenson has worked in the area of people development in fourteen countries across 3 continents, and successfully managed the personal and performance improvement of staff across industry segments. Trevor blends an intense focus on Neuro-Leadership Coaching programs for individuals, teams and organizations. With an intense passion to help people learn and develop, Trevor and his team are challenging and supporting top levels of government, healthcare, education and industry to be the ones who guide systemic change. Trevor integrates neuroscience and leadership to help clients retrain their brains to understand and achieve the change they want and need in their executive and leadership roles.