Ottawa Public Sector Quality Fair – 2013

 Canada Aviation & Space Museum, Tuesday, February 5th, 2013

Note: Download our latest event Poster here.

Ottawa’s premier learning and networking event for those engaged in public sector excellence, the 2013 event will be another of tremendous value for participant’s – especially in these difficult economic times when professional development funds are at a premium, some personnel being let go and travel very limited.  Participants will be able to learn and share leading practices with colleagues from the Federal, Provincial & Territorial, Municipal Governments and the broader public sector.

 The Ottawa Public Sector Quality Fair: An Excellent Learning Opportunity 

Our 2012 Ottawa Public Sector Quality Fair was a tremendous success at our new location. Our  two keynote speakers had some good messages for attendees. Treasury Board President Tony Clement had a fine message to deliver. Police Chief, now Senator Vern White too spoke well. Angela Coke, Deputy Minister in the Ontario Ministry of Government Services, had some fine words for all during the lunch break.

Joint CPSQA-Excellence Canada Public Sector Excellence Lifetime Achievement Award.

The organizing Committee for 2013 has selected the winner for 2013. Dr. Jack Kitts, President and CEO of The Ottawa Hospital is our 2013 winner. For additional information, follow this link to our Awards page.

The 2013 Ottawa Public Sector Quality Fair, brought to you by the Canadian Public Sector Quality Association (CPSQA) and Excellence Canada (formerly the National Quality Institute (NQI)), will deliver an interactive, informative and meaningful experience for all who attend. Your Committee of volunteers has begun building a Program for our Seventh Annual “Fair” that will be a meaningful experience for all. We intend to showcase experts from a variety of government organizations.

Training and Development Opportunity

Those attending our 2012 event were aware that we were offering a training and development opportunity. Ours was not a conference but rather an interactive learning opportunity from which attendees were able to take away valuable information to be applied in their workplaces. More change and challenge is coming as the Public Service Renewal and Administrative Renewal initiatives get underway. However, many individuals do not see that their life is getting easier and better. Our 2012 “Fair” once again provided tips, tools and an interactive panel discussion that helped attendees to meet these challenges.

Supporters and Quality Partners

As in the past, we are looking for Supporters and Quality Partners to help provide funding in order that we can keep our registration fee as low as possible. Not only is there an opportunity for them to attend all our activities, but also Supporters and Quality Partners are visible on our website and acknowledged at our event. 


The act of registration for our event is considered to provide permission, for all registrants, speakers and Award and Prize winners, for photographs to appear in print and electronic media without a name being associated with that photograph or photographs.