Ottawa Public Sector Quality Fair – 2011

Achieving Workplace Excellence: Renewal in Challenging Times

Ottawa’s premier learning and networking event for those engaged in public sector excellence, the 2011 event will be another of tremendous value for participant’s – especially in these difficult economic times when professional development funds are at a premium.  Participants will be able to learn and share leading practices with colleagues from the Federal, Provincial & Territorial, Municipal Governments and the broader public sector. 

 The Ottawa Public Sector Quality Fair: An Excellent Learning Opportunity 

Location: Hampton Inn & Conference Centre, 200 Coventry Road, Ottawa.
Date: Wednesday, February 9, 2011.
Cost: See our “Registration Information” on the 2011 OPSQF menu to the left. 

Join us for another annual Ottawa Public Sector Quality Fair and enjoy a first class learning experience and the opportunity to network with your peers from all levels of government. Brought to you by the Canadian Public Sector Quality Association (CPSQA) and the National Quality Institute (NQI), this annual event, with the double theme “Achieving Workplace Excellence: Renewal in Challenging Times”, promises to deliver an interactive, informative and meaningful experience for all who attend. Your Committee of volunteers has been busy building a Program for our Fifth Annual “Fair” that will prove to be a meaningful experience for all attendees. Join us as we showcase experts from a variety of government organizations including two panelists from organizations that received a Canada Award for Excellence at the CAE Luncheon in Toronto October 20th.

 The Public Service is facing challenging times:

  – Workload is increasing as client demands increase, controls increase, empowerment is decreased and administrative tasks take precedence;

  – Corporate knowledge is disappearing as many people retire; and

  – The rate of change is increasing and many individuals feel the pressure.

 More change and challenge is coming as the Public Service Renewal and Administrative Renewal initiatives get underway. However, many individuals do not see that their life is getting easier and better. Our 2011 “Fair” will provide tips, tools and interactive panel discussions that will help you meet these challenges.

 And it’s a fabulous value too! The Fair price includes a light breakfast, a nutritious lunch and two refreshment breaks. You get to attend the keynote speaker and both panel discussions, pick from a selection of six professional development sessions held three in the morning and three in the afternoon, and interact with exhibitors providing you with information pertinent to public sector staff. Get ready to enhance your skill set!

Please Note: Our EARLY BIRD Rates no longer apply.

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