NCR Networking Meeting 2012-09-19

Location: NCR – Le Salon, National Arts Centre

Subject:  Quality Management System in CFIA – a QMS case study involving the Canadian Food Inspection Agency

Registrants: 50 – 35 attending

Presentation: Attached

Speaker: Mark Wilcox, Senior Director, Program Delivery Division, Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA)

Mark obtained a Bachelor of Science in Agriculture from the University of Saskatchewan. He worked in private industry, followed by several years with Agriculture and Agri Food in Saskatchewan. After relocating to Ottawa, he transitioned to the Canadian Food Inspection Agency, working in both Programs and Operations.  Mark has worked in the Deputy Minister, Agriculture’s office as well as a three year management position with the Canada Border Services Agency.  After a short term as Director of Import Control Division at CFIA, Ottawa, Mark is now acting Senior Director, Business Management office, Operations at CFIA.
Abstract: The Canadian Food Inspection Agency is the largest science-based regulatory agency in Canada. It was created in 1997 to consolidate and enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of federal inspection and related services for food, animal and plant health. In this presentation, Mark Wilcox, Senior Director of the Program Delivery Division will talk about the implementation of CFIA’s quality management system and what it has done for their organization. Topics will include:

·         Who is CFIA;

·         What is CFIA;

·         QMS Tool in CFIA;

·         QMS Objectives;

·         QMS Lessons Learned; and

·         The Future of CFIA’s QMS