NCR Networking Meeting – 2012-06-13

Location: NCR – Le Salon, National Arts Centre

Subject: “Organizational Transformation within CSEC – changing the culture for today’s workplace”

Registrants: 49

Presentation: Reference material 

Speaker: Neil Cruickshank, Director of Change Management (CSEC)

The Communications Security Establishment Canada (CSEC) is Canada’s cryptologic agency, responsible for foreign signals intelligence in support of defence and foreign policy, and the protection of electronic information and communication. CSEC is based in Ottawa, has 2000 employees, and is a department in the National Defence portfolio. In 2009 CSEC received Treasury Board approval for a new building to replace their existing campus. With this opportunity in mind, CSEC’s Senior Executive Committee decided to use the move as a driver for transformational culture change. In his presentation, Neil talked about:

  • the drivers for change (technology, demographics);
  • the desired end-state (based on the idea of a flexible, collaborative knowledge-workforce);
  • what we know of best practices (principles of Change Management, the ideas and precedents of other, comparable organizations); and
  • the key elements of the programme and what we are learning as we implement them.

A primary focus is on human behaviour, both as individuals and in groups and how this applies to organizational effectiveness.

The attendees found Neil’s presentation positive, informative and, at times, entertaining. Neil is a good presenter who had his audience’s attention. Clearly he enjoys his work and finds challenges there are really opportunities. Not only that, Neil is a people person who recognizes that addressing peoples’ needs can have very positive results.