NCR Networking Meeting – 2003-03-20

Location: Ottawa (Hull) – PWGSC Board Room, Plaza de la Chaudière.

Subject:  Public Sector Organizations & ISO 9000-2000 Quality Management System

Presentation: Attached.

Speakers: Rafeek Khan, Standards Development Officer, Canadian General Standards Board and Subhash Chander, PWGSC.


Rafeek Khan: Rafeek has worked with the Canadian General Standards Board for about 20 years. He has been involved in the development of standards in support of government procurement, health and safety and government project performance management.

Rafeek was the Secretary to the writing committee that created the Guidelines. He provided the link between the committee, which was composed of public sector quality practitioners and quality consultants, and CGSB, which oversaw the approval and publication of the document. Rafeek had also been involved in the 1994 version of the standard.

Subhash Chander: Subhash has been a PWGSC employee for the last 22 years but was seconded to DND, Health Canada and Corrections Canada for almost 20 years. During these secondments he has been involved in the quality scene from product approval to the ISO standard implementation; auditing, training and coordination of Quality programs. He is also a NQI certified Lead Auditor. He is a member of CPSQA and AQC with extensive network with other federal departments. His latest accomplishment is getting 10 of the 12 pilot projects ISO certified in 5 provinces during the last two years with PWGSC.

Abstract:  Rafeek provided an overview of the Canadian General Standards Board and its overall responsibilities. His presentation focused on the development of the recently released CGSB 184.1-2002 document, which entitled the “Guidelines for Implementing ISO 9000 Quality Management Systems in Public Sector Organizations”. He reviewed the need for revision to the ISO 9000-1994 and the changes that have been built into the ISO 9000-2000 standard, the scope of the new Guide and how to implement the standard. Rafeek also shared some of his experience based on his 20 years with CGSB. Subhash provided some hands-on, departmental experience with implementing the standard and using the Guide.