NCR Networking Meeting – 2002-11-21

Location: NCR – Canadian General Standards Board, Place du Portage.

Subject:  “Measuring Client Satisfaction – the view from the Treasury Board Secretariat”.

Presentation: Attached.

Speaker:  Victor Abele, Director Service Delivery Improvement, Treasury Board Secretariat.

Background: Victor has 10 years experience leading initiatives with government call centre operations and is now the lead for the Service Improvement Initiative. As part of the Government On-Line office, Victor is also assessing telephone and in-person services to help develop a multi-channel service strategy, and is also working to develop and implement service standards across channels.

Abstract: The Service Improvement Initiative (SII) provided a policy framework to deliver an increase of 10% in client satisfaction by 2005 with government service delivery. Client satisfaction measurements are subjective; to ensure a consistent approach, the SII has relied on a Common Measurement Tool. Members joined Victor Abele for a discussion on measuring client satisfaction and the link to service standards and performance measurement.