NCR Networking Meeting – 2000-06-01

Location: NCR – Marriage Preparation Room, Ontario Provincial Court Building

Subject:  “Quality in the government and non-profit arena”.

Presentation: Not available

Speaker: George Laszlo, President of Management M+

This was an opportunity to listen to George Laszlo, an experienced practitioner and speaker on total quality managment. George at that time had been working in the quality field for the past 30 years and is a frequent invited speaker at ASQ Conferences around the world. George has conducted several projects within the federal and foreign governments and he provided an overview of his experience.

George was trained as an aeronautical engineer and has worked extensively in the aeronautical industry both in Canada and in the USA, where he held positions of increasing responsibility in company management and management of quality. He has been involved in the Canada Awards for Excellence program each year since its inauguration in 1984. He has participated first as an applicant, then as an examiner, a lead examiner, and a member of the pre-selection committee. In both 1998 and 1999, George chaired the entire adjudication process.

George spoke to CPSQA about quality in the public sector in its broadest sense, making use of his background with the Canada Awards for Excellence and his extensive experience in the quality field. Members were invited to come and ask a practitioner the most nagging questions.