NCR Chapter Networking Meeting & AGM – 2015-10-07

Location: NCR – Le Salon, National Arts Centre

Subject:  CPSEN Annual General Meeting (AGM) & Networking Meeting

Presentation: The presentations are available in para 2 below. Please note the additional speaker notes are not currently accessible. This is being investigated.

Registrants and “walk-ins”: 23

Networking Presenters: John Thomas and Jean Tourigny. AGM Photos may be found in the CPSEN Gallery – AGM sub-album


1. AGM: Following an excellent hot buffet dinner, the Members proceeded with the AGM business. There were several speakers beginning with Phil Grandy, CPSEN Chair followed by Treasurer Lill Thomsen, Marketing Director Craig Marchand and Volunteer Director, Louise Archer. Our new Secretary, Tara Saberian and Treasurer Linda Niksic were elected. Further business was discussed and decisions reached.
2. Following the business meeting, two CPSQA former Chairs took the floor and separately spoke about leadership. The following was the nature of the discussions:
  a. Jean Tourigny offered some personal insights into leadership in the Public Service
  b. John Thomas discussed leadership in the form of coping with external challenges when times are tough and when there is uncertainty for the future.
Attendees found the presentations both interesting and informative. There were good questions and equally good answers. The presentations completed the event and attendees left knowing they had accomplished the aims of the AGM and also enjoyed the two excellent presentations.