NCR Chapter Networking Meeting – 2015-04-16

Location: NCR – Le Salon, National Arts Centre

Subject: “Lean 101 for the public sector: What you need to know… it is not all about the belts!”
Presentation: Click here to view the Presentation. Also, there will be photos posted to our Gallery in due course.
Registrants and “walk-ins”: 87
Speaker: France Bergeron, former Director of the Lean Initiative at Transport Canada (retired).
France has over 20 years of experience in the federal public service. She has worked in line departments, central agencies and served as an officer in the Canadian Forces. With a Master of Science degree in management and organizational development, she started implementing Lean in the federal public service in 2012. She has facilitated Lean events and trained employees in the Nation’s Capital and in regional offices. She has participated in the development of a Lean curriculum at the Canada School of Public Service and at Algonquin College. She has been an engaging Lean speaker at numerous public service gatherings across Canada. Until March 30 this year, she was the Director of the Lean Initiative at Transport Canada. France is now co-president of Alpen Path Solutions ( offering Lean training and facilitation services specifically tailored to knowledge workers in government. There is also a separate website for government personnel at
Attendees were welcomed by CPSEN’s NCR Chapter host, Jean Tourigny, filling in for the CPSEN Chair, Phil Grandy, who was out-of-town. Jean outlined the formation of CPSEN from the former Canadian Public Sector Quality Association and offered some background for the benefit of those present. He also mentioned the upcoming Canadian Public Sector Excellence Fair originally scheduled for February but postponed to November 17th.
France was a top notch speaker with a good room presence and an excellent presentation. She had a powerful slide deck that included links to videos that expanded on her topics. She had the full attention of the nearly 70 persons (what is likely to be a record attendance for CPSQA and CPSEN Networking Meetings) listening to what she had to say. As one of our volunteers said, “there was a great buzz in the room and almost no one drifted out early” even to fulfill workplace obligations. It was clear that everyone was fully engaged by this excellent speaker. In her presentation, France told us what Lean is and what it is not – hence the statement in the presentation title – “… it is not all about the belts”.
During the morning, France conducted several exercises and quizzes designed to encourage interaction with attendees. It was clear from the questions that those present were finding the information provided was of significant value and that they could return to their workplaces better informed.There were some good questions that brought forth additional very helpful information.
Following the presentation, Don Wilson provided a short briefing for those present regarding the November Fair and the fact that CPSEN has engaged professionals to help our volunteers prepare for a not-to-be-missed 2015 Fair. It is anticipated ticket sales will re-open around the end of April and it is hoped that many attendees will be able to register. Additional information can be found by visiting the Fair website.
Our volunteer, Louise Archer, who reviews evaluations reported there were 40 evaluations returned. The meeting was organized by volunteer Mike Hart, the NCR Chapter Program Chair.