NCR Chapter Networking Meeting – 2014-11-19

Location: NCR – Le Salon, National Arts Centre

Subject:  For this Networking Meeting, there were two excellent presentations:
1. “Making Training More Accessible for a High‐Performing Public Service –  Changing the Traditional Learning Model”; and
2. “Business Improvement and Transformation in the Government of Canada – A New Tool for Learning and Sharing” 

Presentations: Click here to view Presentation 1 (English) and (French); Presentation 2 (English) and (French).

Registrants and “walk-ins”: 45


1. David Henley, Director General, Leadership and Professional Development, Canada  School of Public Service ‐ with more than 25 years of combined federal and provincial government  experience, David has been tasked with leading the development of the new learning ecosystem  for public servants, as well as the New Managers Development Program and the Change and  Transformation curriculum. 
2. Patricia Mosher, Senior Analyst, Treasury Board Secretariat ‐ with more than 20 years  of combined provincial and federal government experience, Patricia’s current role involves leading TBS’ efforts to spur a culture of continuous improvement and strengthen business process  improvement across the Government of Canada. 



David reported that around the world, the field of learning is undergoing significant and rapid change, with  technology allowing for products to be delivered to a broader audience at a lower cost.  Reacting to this fact, the Canada School of Public Service is in the process of moving away from a  cost recovery model and, by 2016, will be providing training that will be fully funded by Other Government  Departments through a formal reallocation of their funds. Attendees were told that it will soon be easier for members of the federal public service  to obtain much needed career training and development. Those present found the briefing informative and helpful.

Patricia described new business models and ways of working that the Public Service is introducing new business models which build on lessons learned taking advantage of best practices from both the private and public sectors. The objective is streamlining business processes, leveraging technology and innovative partnerships, and pursuing creative solutions to fulfill its mandates. These and other efforts are now featured on a new knowledge hub: Business Process Modernization. Patricia described the nature of the new knowledge hub and the obvious links to be established with the Canada School of the Public Service. In discussion it was apparent that linkages to Excellence Canada (whose CEO was present) and CPSEN, would benefit all federal public servants. (Photos by Don Wilson)

There were many questions and further explanations of specifics provided an excellent level of understanding to all those attending this Networking event. It was clear that there will be further discussions between and among those present.

After the discussion of the two presentations, there was a short briefing for those present regarding CPSEN’s upcoming Canadian Public Sector Excellence Fair to be held February 3rd, 2015 at the Canada Aviation and Space Museum. Additional information can be found by visiting the Fair website.