NCR Chapter Networking Meeting – 2014-06-18

Location: NCR – Le Salon, National Arts Centre

Subject:  “Leveraging a Culture of Continuous Improvement at the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission

Presentation: Click here to view.

Registrants: 32

Speaker: Roy Edwards, Senior Project Officer, Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission.

Roy Edwards, Senior Project Officer, Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission. Roy Edwards has over 30 years of experience in designing, implementing and evaluating management systems and quality-related components such as process management, performance measurement, and strategic planning. Roy holds a Master of Arts (Economics) and a post-graduate Diploma in Business Administration. He is also a Certified Manager of Quality/Organizational Excellence (ASQ), is trained as an ISO 9000 Lead Assessor, and has extensive experience as a lead verifier in assessing organizations applying for the Canada Awards for Excellence. Roy is currently realigning the design and implementation of the management system in accordance with international standards (IAEA GS-R-3) and Canadian government requirements/expectations. Roy has participated in formal peer reviews of management 
systems of nuclear regulators; co?authored a progressive approach to implementing the Management Accountability Framework within the federal public sector; and contributed to the development of the Canadian General Standards Board Guide for implementing ISO 9000:2000 quality management systems in public sector organizations.


Quality practitioners are constantly challenged when implementing management direction to design / implement / strengthen the organization’s management system. This presentation will provide insights into the successful, pragmatic approach to: 

1. Instill a culture of continuous improvement;
2. Strategically allocate resources to work on things that matter most; and
3. Strengthen the management system at the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission.
The approach builds upon previous experiences and minimizes the need for those challenging discussions pertaining to the details of the underlying frameworks and criteria. The international community of nuclear regulators recognizes the importance of a strong management system within the regulatory bodies and its role in ensuring global nuclear safety. The CNSC is continually recognized as a leader in implementing its management system. 


Roy’s was assisted in his presentation by Ananda Senathirajah, a colleague from CNSC and their presentation was very well-received with many questions put forward. In addition, contributions were made by other CNSC colleagues present. It was clear that continuous improvement is embedded in the culture of CNSC and that good progress is being made. The following is a selection of feedback comments;

  • Governance approaches, working with senior management, lessons learned
  • Really like the concept of the “Harmonized Plan”;
  • Good “how to”;
  • The facilities were VERY adequate;
  • The “round table” exercise was an excellent ice-breaker that engaged all the participants early in the event;
  • Real concrete examples;
  • Very practical/great networking;
  • Well organized collaborative atmosphere. Knowledgeable participants;
  • Relevant topic to what our organization is going through;
  • Speaker’s candor and knowledge; and
  • Explanation of Harmonized Plan and behind the scenes approaches to success.

This was an excellent first Networking event for CPSEN. (Photo by Don Wilson)