NCR Chapter Networking Meeting – 2013-09-18

Location: NCR – Le Salon, National Arts Centre

Subject:   Results, not Resistance: building buy-in and execution in your quality improvement projects

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Registrants: 37

Speaker: Craig Szelestowski, President of Lean Agility Inc.

The introduction to this workshop provided the following:

Ever present a great improvement idea and everyone at the meeting nodded in agreement, but days later, when you went to implement it, the same people said:

  • “the timing is just not right” and we should wait “until x is done first”,
  • “we really need more information before we proceed”, or
  • “we might have missed some things and maybe we should rethink this.”


Has your organization ever:

  • identified a promising improvement idea, and everybody bought into the plan to implement it, then…..nothing happened?
  • started the implementation of an idea, then it eventually just faded away?
  • completed the implementation, but the intended results just didn’t happen?

These are common symptoms of quality improvement ideas that lack sufficient buy-in or execution, two critical but overlooked disciplines. We often focus so heaviliy on using our quality tools to find improvements, that we don’t pay nearly enough attention to building not just great improvement ideas, but also great buy-in and great execution of these ideas. Using real life examples, tools and templates that you can re-use when you get back to the office, learn how to apply the Results Equation R = I X D X E to ensure that your buy-in and execution are as solid as your improvement ideas, dramatically increasing your odds of acheiving great results.

Craig took a very attentive audience through a short course designed to deal with the symptoms outlined above. At the end, the audience provided an enthusiastic thanks to our speaker.