CPSEN Holiday Greeting

On behalf of myself and the Board of Directors, I wish to extend best wishes for this holiday season to you and your family.

This season is the best time of the year to celebrate with family and friends and to enjoy all this holiday season has to offer.  All of us at CPSEN wish to thank you for all your support and participation in our networking events this year. We look forward to seeing you next year as we continue to offer our quarterly networking events. Also, we are planning some enhancements to our website that will provide valuable tools you can use for your daily work.

From all of us at CPSEN, we wish you a Happy Holiday.

Season’s greetings,

Phil Grandy
Chair – Canadian Public Sector Excellence Network

Welcome to the Canadian Public Sector
Excellence Network (CPSEN)


20 years serving the greater public sector

CSPEN (and CPSQA) is celebrating 20 years of service to Canada’s broader public sector.

Together we have served the public sector with quality and, now, excellence quarterly networking meetings and with our one-day annual events. We hope you will find your visit worthwhile as you learn more about what CPSEN has to offer all those working in the broader public sector.

Our Mission Statement:

We support public sector professionals in implementing organizational excellence by:

  • Engaging members in practical and affordable professional development events;
  • Providing information on successful practices via our website;
  • Facilitating professional networks, communities of practices and knowledge sharing
Our Vision:

Our vision is to be recognized as the leader in supporting a dynamic community of practice implementing organizational excellence within the public sector.

Our Events:

CPSEN has two different events.

First, there are Quarterly Networking Meetings, an opportunity for public servants to network and develop professionally. The Quarterly Networking Meetings are half-day events that feature speakers, panels and – more particularly – networking and learning opportunities. Visit the Networking Meeting page to learn more. Then there are the annual one-day Symposiums. The last one-day event was CPSEN’s Public Sector Excellence Fair in 2015.

The Fair program contained keynote speakers, a Talk Show panel, professional development sessions, excellence awards, exhibitors, and prizes. It was intended to hold a one-day Excellence Symposium in 2017 following a similar format but it became clear that there were too many one-day events competing for a limited body of attendees. The event planned for 2017 has been moved and is being considered for 2019.

Clockwise from front left – Louise Archer, Craig Marchand, Michael Hart, Paul Crookall, Jean-Baptiste Sawadogo, George Chin, and Phil Grandy (Chair). [Don Wilson photo]

The CPSEN Board meets to kick off work leading to the development of CPSEN events. You are invited to volunteer to help with event planning and administration by contacting CPSEN Volunteer Director Elizabeth Mah at elizabeth@cpsen.ca. You can also help to promote CPSEN events by downloading event posters and posting them to your department’s bulletin board, adding it to your newsletter, or sending it to friends and colleagues. These posters will be made available for download.