Committee – 2015

Many of the Members of the 2014 Committee decided to remain committed to the ongoing hosting of what is now known as the Canadian Public Sector Excellence Fairs. The core group of the 2014 Committee is welcoming a few new faces provided the nucleus of a good team to host a top-notch Public Sector Excellence Fair in 2015. This will be our 9th Annual event.
For the first time, we have engaged a team of Event Planners and a Program Planner to help us build an even better event for all to enjoy. If one looks at our Program, it will be evident that there have been some changes since our 2014 Quality Fair.
Here is the current view of the 2015 Committee (to 2015-08-14) in organizational chart format. 
We can be reached at the following email address:, or at 613-283-2697 (ext. 6)


Chair & Co-Master of Ceremonies         Phil Grandy      Outreach Chair     [vacant]    
Past Chair & Co-Master of Ceremonies Jean Tourigny   – Outreach Team – Federal Edouard Larocque
Vice-Chair George Chin   – Provincial George Chin
Project Manager Luc McArdle   – Territorial [vacant]
     PM Team Tina Hughes    – Municipal Michelle Grégoire
  Marie Claude Bureau (MC)   – Healthcare Jackie Smylie
  Erin Adrain   – Academia Edouard Larocque
Treasurer Jessica Grandy   – First Nations [vacant]
Secretary Tina Hughes   – Associations of Municipalities [vacant]
Registrar Tina Hughes Supporters Chair Marie Claude Bureau (MC)
     Registration Team CREP Team Members      Supporters Team Jean-Baptiste Sawadogo
     CPSEN Team Member Jackie Smylie   Paul Crookall
     Eventbrite System Coordinator Don Wilson   Jackie Smylie
Program Chair Tabatha Soltay   Luc Gendron
     Program Team Luc McArdle Excellence Partners Chair Phil Grandy
  Jean Tourigny      Excellence Partners Team Don Wilson
  Alice Ouedraogo   [vacant]
  Don Wilson   [vacant]
            Webmaster Raymond W. Tsang
 Logistics Chair Tina Hughes         Website Team Don Wilson
    Floor Manager Tina Hughes   Jun Sola
     Logistics Team Bing Wang   Karine Halpenny
  Alice Ouedraogo   Stephanie Whitten
 Marketing Chair Craig Marchand Official Photographer                                 Rick Balson
     Marketing Team Luc McArdle Volunteer Coordinator/CPSEN Booth Host  Louise Archer
      Michelle Grégoire Special Advisor Don Wilson