B.C. Interior – Information Session 2010-06-09

Location: Kelowna – City of Kelowna Capri Office

Subject:  Canadian Public Sector Quality Association: Supporter of Quality and Excellence in the Public Sector

Registrants: 7

Presentation: Attached.

Speaker: Don Wilson, Vice-Chair of the CPSQA National Board

Summary Report: A small but energetic group was briefed on CPSQA and what benefits there would be to joining this organization. Don provided a ‘Quality primer’ and went on to outline the features of the CPSQA website. Lori then provided a B.C. Interior focus, asking those present to offer any thoughts they might have for additional services which could encourage membership and participation in Chapter meetings.

Additional information

The following was taken from the announcement for the Kelowna meeting.

The Canadian Public Sector Quality Association (CPSQA) has buried treasure and we want you to find it! We have over 200 years worth of quality experience and excellence insights on the Board of Directors alone. The treasure is tucked away on our website just waiting for you to join CPSQA.

CPSQA is a volunteer-run professional association that offers regular networking and information meetings, workshops on all aspects of quality and excellence, a website with buried treasure. For the last four years, we have been co-hosting the annual Ottawa Public Sector Quality Fair, which we co-host each year with the National Quality Institute (NQI). All of this (except the annual “Fair”) is currently FREE to our members. Perhaps you can give some thought to holding a “Fair” with NQI here in Kelowna.

CPSQA came into being over 10 years ago as a way to bring together public sector employees (managers and quality practitioners) working in the quality, excellence and healthy workplace areas. Our aim is to foster networking and furtherance of quality practices within the public sector, be it municipal, provincial/territorial, federal, education or health care fields. The website alone contains the presentations of many of the programs from the last 10 years – a wealth of quality experience.

Please go to www.cpsqa.ca for more information about CPSQA and its meetings and to register as a member. Doing so will give you access to our Members Resources area to view past meeting information.

Those of you who were able to attend our Kelowna meeting June 9th wil now know more about CPSQA and we hope you will decide to join.To others who were unable to attend, be the first in your office to unlock the potential of 200 years of experience and to join us at the inaugural meeting of the B.C. Interior Chapter of CPSQA later this year.