What’s New

2022-10-12: CPSEN held an NCR Networking Meeting on October 12th at which an excellent speaker, Scott Stevenson spoke, a Panel discussion was held and the 2022 joint CPSEN-Excellence Canada Public Sector Excellence Lifetime Achievement Award was presented to the Vice Chief of Defence Staff, Vice-Admiral Mark Norman, CMM, CD.
2022-04-28: CPSEN has organized an NCR Chapter Networking meeting for May 18th, to be presented with event partner CareerJoy. Those interested can register using the online registration process available in our Coming Events block found on this and our Home Page. A link also is available here – just click on Networking meeting. Follow this link to view promotional material for this meeting.
2022-04-06: Eight brave souls overcame the obstacles presented by the second major snowstorm of the winter to meet at the Interis offices – hosted by Board Member Craig Marchand. It was a very productive meeting that established:
  • a). The name: CPSEN-Excellence Canada Symposium 2022;
  • b). The location: the Canada Aviation & Space Museum;
  • c). The dateTuesday, February 7th, 2022.
  • d). The theme: “Delivering World Class Public Services: from Ideas to Impact”
  • A good deal of the meeting time was taken up with spirited conversation around the theme but, in the end, a consensus was reached. The Board now will be setting up a Planning Committee for the Symposium that is expected to have resources drawn from both CPSEN and Excellence Canada. In addition, there will be a thoughtful review of the Fee Structure that is expected to reflect an increase for Symposium 2022. The Fees have remained relatively steady for a number of years. 
2022-03-10: At a meeting of the CPSEN Board this date, a discussion of options for the next Annual Event led to a number of conclusions:
a). It was decided CPSEN would return to previous practice and hold the Annual Event each February;
b). The next Annual Event will be known as the Canadian Public Sector Excellence Network Symposium – 2022; and
c). It is anticipated the Date, Location and Theme will be announced early in April.
2022-02-11: CPSEN’s first NCR Chapter Networking meeting of the 2022 season was held yesterday at the Indigo Hotel. It was a most successful meeting that welcomed Karen Jackson, Senior Advisor, Healthy Workplace Strategies, Excellence Canada who provided a mini-workshop on Mental Health in the Workplace. With Karen was Samantha Munro, Carleton University’s Healthy Workplace Co-ordinator. There were 63 persons registered for this meeting – a capacity crowd for the hotel’s Indigo Room. Our visitors are invited to visit our Networking Meetings section or follow this link to our 2022-02-10 meeting report.
2022-02-09: On the eve of the first NCR Chapter Networking Meeting of 2022, CPSEN is offering the initial announcement of our 2022 annual event – the Canadian Public Sector Excellence Symposium. The initial planning calls for an event not unlike the 2019 Excellence Fair but it is anticipated there will be some actions that will make our 2022 event one that should not be missed. To have an initial look, please go to our Excellence Symposium Home Page.
2022-01-28: The inaugural meeting of the new Board Advisory Committee (BAC) was held this date in the Cedar Room at 440 Laurier Ave., the location of the CPSEN National Office. While not all BAC Members were able to attend, a good meeting was held that sought to review the goals and objectives of the Committee and to develop a plan for future work. The meeting was attended by Phil Grandy, the CPSEN Chair and there was a good discussion of a number of issues faced by CPSEN duly recorded by the scribe for that meeting, Rick Balson. Members proposed that BAC Member Michael Hart be the BAC Chair and he accepted that proposal. Some decisions were made and Don Wilson was asked to prepare two resolutions for the upcoming meeting of the CPSEN Board.