Chair Welcome

It has been a year since the Canadian Public Sector Quality Association (CPSQA) became the Canadian Public Sector Excellence Network (CPSEN), and it has been a busy year of transition for the management team. Many great changes have taken place over the year to help build CPSEN into a premier network to support public sector employees in their roles as public servants. 

This past year we have held four very interesting and successful morning networking events and organized the first of many Communities of Practice that will lead to tools available for all CPSEN Members to have access to and utilize in their day to day work. We built a more interactive website to help Members better navigate to the areas of interest as well as developed various teams to work on improving our membership lists and how we communicate with our Members. 
Visitors to this website will have noticed that there is more French text present as time goes by. For some time we have encouraged those able to offer event and other information in both Official Languages to do so and we have then posted both to our website or our Fair sub-site. While we do have a domain name registered for a French website, we do not currently have the resources – human and financial – to provide a complete site in both languages. Be assured, however, that we will continue to welcome both French and English text for posting to this website.
I am extremely excited about the upcoming Excellence Fair on November 17th at the Canada Aviation & Space Museum. This year we have engaged the assistance of experts to help us plan this event and, through their guidance, have incorporated some interesting changes to improve your experience at the Fair. This year we will have a talk show instead of a panel discussion. The keynote speakers and PD session leaders will be providing interesting discussions on our theme “Public Sector Transformation and the Journey to Excellence” and I hope that everyone can join us for this great learning and networking event and take advantage of the insight that these leaders will be providing. To participate in our event, simply go to “Our Fairs” on the left of this page and click on “Register”.
Looking forward to the next year, we are planning on continuing with more Communities of Practice, more interactive networking events and developing and providing excellence tools along with reaching out to Members to find out what tools they feel would be of value to them in their roles as public servants. 
We would like to thank all our Members for continuing to support the Canadian Public Sector Excellence Network in our goal to be a premier organization dedicated to excellence in the public service and we look forward to welcoming those of you who choose to become Members.
Phil Grandy
Chair, CPSEN