CPSEN has been functioning with two types of events. In 2015, CPSEN hosted a most successful Canadian Public Sector Excellence Fair. Several years ago, CPSEN began Quarterly Networking Meetings. This format has proven to be quite successful with good attendance. These events are normally held at Jean Pigott Place, in Ottawa City Hall. In 2017, following extensive discussions and an examination of the Ottawa market, CPSEN decided to forego the annual Fairs – now to be known as Symposiums – and to concentrate on the Quarterly Networking Meetings for at least two years.

In the 1980’s and early ‘90’s, the Treasury Board-sponsored Interdepartmental Quality Network (IQN) was active with regular meetings and ‘phone-in capabilities for those outside the NCR to meet, listen to quality-related presentations and share quality experiences.  While active meetings were held in Ottawa, other interested quality professionals were able to be connected to the meetings by teleconference with callers located in Belleville, Montreal, Moncton and other centres.

After a period of time, the TBS would no longer host the IQN and it was decided that the Canadian Public Sector Quality Association should be formed to continue to provide a focus for public sector quality.

The Association was established in 1996 as an independent, not-for-profit organization managed by a number of dedicated volunteers from the federal, provincial/territorial, municipal and the broader public sectors. There was no sponsor to provide funding support and thus the Association had to rely on in-kind support from a variety of sources. Two very successful conferences were held and the revenue from these events, to this day, have provided some ongoing support for CPSQA activities.

For a number of years, organizations such as Health Canada, the Ontario Ministry of the Attorney General, the Canadian General Standards Board and others provided free meeting space for CPSQA. Much of the meeting support was provided by the Ontario Ministry of the Attorney General at the Provincial Courthouse in Ottawa making use of the Marriage Preparation Room until that space became unavailable due to other demands for its use.

Unfortunately, there was no opportunity provided for those public sector employees outside the NCR to participate in the meetings by telephone and as a result, CPSQA became very much a National Capital Region resource with no opportunity to serve public sector employees outside the NCR.

With the return of the Ottawa Public Sector Quality Fairs in 2007, modest funding has been made available with any net revenue available being divided between the co-hosts CPSQA and Excellence Canada (formerly the National Quality Institute). Toward the end of 2013 it was decided that CPSQA would go it alone as the host with significant inputs from Excellence Canada, a Platinum Supporter. To learn more about our previous and current Fairs, follow this link to our Events section and, specifically, the Excellence Fair pages.

At a Strategic Planning Meeting held 2014-03-20, the CPSQA as an organization underwent a careful review conducted by CPSQA Directors and a number of members of the Ottawa Public Sector Quality Fair Committee. The results of that meeting contributed to a change to the History of our organization. In addition to revisions to our Mission and Vision, we also decided on a name change. After two choices were considered by conducting a Doodle Poll, the consensus resulted in our organization henceforth being known as the Canadian Public Sector Excellence Network.

After over two years of operation, CPSEN had shown the public sector employees who have become Members along with the broader public sector that the new incorporated organization is able to offer Quarterly Networking Meetings and Annual one-day events. Early in 2017 it became apparent that the National Capital Region market was loaded with one-day events that provided a great deal of competition. Accordingly, CPSEN elected to focus on its most successful Quarterly Networking Meetings being held at Jean Pigott Place, Ottawa City Hall. A one-day Excellence Symposium was developed but it was decided to set it aside and review its marketability in 2019.