CPSEN National Directors – 2016-2017

This Directors page has been updated to reflect the Directors elected or re-elected at our 2016 Annual General Meeting held in Ottawa on November 29th.
*2016-2017 Officers:  Phil Grandy and George Chin. The positions of Treasurer and Secretary are vacant at this time.
Title Incumbent Email Address Telephone
*Chair Phil Grandy chair@cpsen.ca 613.435.9352
*Vice-Chair George Chin george@cpsen.ca 613.239.1111
*Treasurer [vacant]    
*Secretary [vacant]
Past Chair Jean Tourigny jean@cpsen.ca 613.292.7442
Business Development Director Édouard Larocque edouard@cpsen.ca 613.668.1393
Marketing Director Craig Marchand craig@cpsen.ca
Membership Director Bing Wang membership@cpsen.ca 613.697.9618
Volunteers Director Elizabeth Mah elizabeth@cpsen.ca 613.949.7718
Programs Director Naomi Bambara naomi.bambara@hc-sc.gc.ca 613.793.6189
Director Louise Archer
lj-archer@sympatico.ca 613.230.1337
Director Michael Hart  mike@cpsen.ca  613.297.6362 
Director & Nominations Chair Jean-Baptiste Sawadogo jean-baptiste@cpsen.ca  613.721.8087
Director – Excellence Canada Liaison Paul Crookall paul@crookall.ca 613.565.7117
*Board Officers
Board Committees
1. Board Advisory Committee  Michael Hart – Chair
 Louise Archer
      Rick Balson
     Joe-Anne McKittrick
     John Thomas
    Jean Tourigny
    Don Wilson
NCR Chapter Executive
Chair Phil Grandy chair@cpsen.ca 613.435.9352
Program Director Naomi Bambara naomi.bambara@hc-sc.gc.ca 613.793.6189
Director-at-Large Jean Tourigny jean@cpsen.ca 613.292.7442
Working Groups
1. Membership
   Director Bing Wang membership@cpsen.ca 613.957.6277
    Team Joe-Anne McKittrick joe-anne.mckittrick@hc-sc.gc.ca  613.867.6446
2. Website
    Webmaster Raymond W. Tsang webmaster@cpsen.ca 613.960.4646
    Team Anjum Shafi anjum@cpsen.ca
Don Wilson don@cpsen.ca 613.722.9118
Past CPSQA/CPSEN Chairs Jean Tourigny jean@cpsen.ca 613.292.7442
John Thomas johnfthomas@rogers.com 613.692.1391
Tristan Hovey tristan.hovey@gmail.com
Vic Pakalnis vpakalnis@mirarco.org 705.675.1151 x5110
Rick Balson balsonra@sympatico.ca 613.226.5872
You also can contact us by mail:
Canadian Public Sector Excellence Network 
110 Sonesta Circle
Ottawa, ON K2S 0G7