CPSEN Chapters


In 2009, CPSQA Directors decided to respond to questions from outside the National Capital Region regarding the possibility of having meetings in other locations in Canada. Directors chose to pursue this option by establishing a process by which other cities or regions could organize chapters.

To complement the existing National Capital Region Chapter, Directors decided to begin with two expansion pilot sites in 2009:

  • The Kingston Region Chapter – centred in Kingston – covering the area in and around Kingston; and
  • The British Columbia Interior Chapter – centred in Kelowna – covering the Interior of the Province of British Columbia.

The plan was to liaise with those who expressed interest in becoming involved with our organization, to provide information and coaching with respect to holding meetings. In addition, website support was made in the form of regional pages where events of local interest could be posted. In due course, presentations made at regional meetings were posted to Events section of our website where they can be accessed Canada-wide.

The eight locations either with chapters or considering organizing one – at the spring of 2014 – are the following:

  • National Capital Region: NCR
  • British Columbia Interior: B.C. Interior – Kelowna [inactive]
  • Kingston Region: Kingston [inactive]
  • Sudbury Region: Sudbury [yet to be formed]
  • Greater Toronto Area: GTA [yet to be formed]
  • Halifax: Atlantic [under consideration]
  • Greater Vancouver Area: GVA [under consideration]
  • Vancouver Island Region: Victoria [under consideration]

Activities listed on this site will be referenced by their Chapter designation. Accordingly, meeting reports for the National Capital Region will be designated NCR – and so forth for the other chapters.

Applications for the formation of other Chapters will be considered at any time. Lead individuals on our National Board are seeking others who would like to be founding members of chapters across Canada. If you are interested in being a new chapter champion, please contact our Secretary. 

As noted above, currently the only active chapter is the National Capital Region Chapter.

Future Plans

After some period of time, it became apparent that the time is not right for the existence of active chapters other than in the National Capital Region. At the strategic planning session that led to the formation of CPSEN in April, 2014, it was agreed that, for the foreseeable future, CPSEN would focus on building a strong, instructive and supportive new website with features that will be useful to public sector employees from coast to coast to coast. Should strong interest build for chapters in other regions/cities, the CPSEN National Board will be prepared to consider all reasonable proposals.