2015 PD 2C

Title: Protecting Canadians from Ebola and Other Nasty Viruses:  A Case Study in Resilience and Agility”

Abstract: The Deputy Chief Public Health Officer shares what the Agency has done to protect Canadians from Ebola and lessons learned from the Agency’s  handling of ebola and other emerging diseases. Reality seldom fits the plan. The goal is to enable Canadians to emerge from public health emergencies stronger than before. Dr. Tam reflects on the individual and organizational resilience and agility required to move through the stages of emergency management  from planning to recovery. It takes a certain type of individual with particular skills sets and an enabling infrastructure, she says,  to achieve the ‘outside the box’ thinking and innovations required of an agile organization, one that acts in concert with many other players.

Leader: Dr. Theresa Tam, Public Health Agency of Canada & _______________,  ______________