NCR Networking Meeting – 2013-04-16

Location: NCR – Le Salon, National Arts Centre

Subject: “Risk Management and Quality: how to supercharge improvement in your organization”

Presentation: Click here to view.

Registrants: 41

Speaker: Awad Loubani, Director, Quality and Risk Management Services, Corporate Services and Strategic Policy Branch, PWGSC

In this presentation,Awad Loubani, Quality and Risk Management Director, talked about thembedding of Quality and Risk Management into thdaily operationof PWGSC, their integratioaan enabling functioanhow thesfunctionhelped to superchargbusinesimprovemenwithin PWGSCTopics presented and discussed included:

      Who is PWGSC;

      InternationaanCanadian rismanagemenstandardo2009 and 2010

      TBS Framework for Managing Risks

      Integratioof risanquality functionwith Business Planning in PWGSC

      Lessons Learned;and

      The Future of PWGSCs risanquality functions

Note: CPSQA Directors agreed to continue our recent practice of holding our NCR Networking meetings in Le Salon at the National Arts Centre. Attendees were again treated to a free hot buffet breakfast prior to the start of the meeting. 

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